The Farm is a reality TV show created by Swedish  production company Strix. Sold to more than 40 countries, The Farm is one of their most popular formats in the world.
The Farm puts a group of 12 people living together in a farm. There, the contestants must work as a normal farmer, raising animals and doing agriculture. In regular periods of time, one of the houseguests is evicted, usually in a ceremony called The Duel where they compete in a physical endurance, but in some adaptations of the show is the audience who decide, by telephone voting, who must leave The Farm.
Celebrity format, with participants being previously known public figures, is also common.
BIGBADWOLF and its partners have been organizing the technical part of the 2012 season of the show, that was broadcasted in Sweden for TV4, as well as the Greek version.

Production company: Freemantle and Anosi
Host: Gregory Arnaoutoglou
Producer: Aggelos Hristopoulos

Production company: Strix Sweden
Host: Linda Lindorff
Proucers: Cricko Akandera & Ylva Hulten

  • Grigoris Arnaoutoglou

  • Linda Lindorff

  • Strix

  • Fremantle SA

  • anosi-sa