BigBadWolf – is a media company created by individuals each one of them top in their field.


Understanding the need of the market, where each media now works separately,we integrate all the media sectors. (broadcasting, IT, printing, events)
Welcome to a new world of communication




Artist Management

Human Resources



IT & Web Design


ABOUT BigBadWolf

BigBadWolf offers services/facilities to any form of communication, from broadcasting and printing to organizing and executing events. Makes social media management and monitoring, easier for you. Develops for your business information technology solutions.
Our company is uniquely qualified to provide the resources and services, customers need efficiently and cost effective.
Each form of media employs a wide variety of professionals. Our crew is full time with passion for media. We are here to ensure high level of customer satisfaction, approaching every single need of any given project and delivering the best outcome.
We have the staff, the expertise and the experience to fully understand and meet the current needs, to develop and execute any project given to us.
We believe on delivering outstanding customer service, offering creative and innovative solutions by providing capable and caring professionals for each and every project.

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Vithinias 256A, Nikea

Zip code 18453 Athens Greece

Phone numbers Greece:

tel. +30 698 587 0 664
mob. +30 698 587 0 664

Phone numbers UAE:

mob. +97 150 774 0 490

Phone numbers Sweden:

mob. +46 727 258 390


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